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Sigmatex-Lanier Textiles Profile

Sigmatex-Lanier Textiles

355 Satellite Blvd, N.E.
Suite 100

(800) 685-9009

It takes a long time to build trusting relationships. We’ve been building strategic supply lines with the world’s best mills since 1976. Today, we present premium linens across a multi-brand line of products: Royal Crest, Blue Marlin, Economy Select, and more  Our reputation for excellent service to the Hospitality, Healthcare, and Service industries is well known. In fact, our customers say we’rethe most experienced global textile provider in the U.S. Most experienced  global sources of textile products into the U.S. Building strategic relationships with global mills since 1976. Exclusive manufacturers mean the best materials at the best prices. Reputation for the highest standards of quality and service.    Extensive inventory to meet your demanding requirements. National distribution system for the highest quality and service.

Khurram Maqbool, Executive Vice President, kmaqbool@sigmatexlaner.com, 800.685.9009
Farley Salmon, Director of Sales, fsalmon@sigmatexlanier.com, 601.941.7402
Manish Bhandari, Director of Business Development, mbhandari@sigmatexlanier.com, 800.685.9009

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