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Milliken & Co. Profile

Milliken & Co.

920 Milliken Rd.

(800) 322-8326
(800) 322-8326

(864) 503-1716

Combining industry insight, decades of research, unparalleled textile technology and a drive for innovation, Milliken is the top table linen solutions provider in the industry. In particular, Milliken’s Signature Plus™ (www.millikentablelinens.com) is the industry’s premier table linen fabric, delivering the best return on investment and outperforming all challengers in terms of elegance, quality and durability. Milliken also offers its Walk-Off® Mats (www.millikencarpet.com) that are more colorful and more customizable, tougher and longer lasting, softer and more sustainable—even taking back old mats and recycling the materials for a variety of new uses and applications.

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